3 PUTT® Sangria Spritzers

Appellation Ventures is pleased to introduce 3 PUTT® Sangria Spritzers, the first-ever hydrogen-infused sangria spritzer.

Our use of Hydrogen is revolutionary! It creates a softer, silky smooth effervescence, that will impress those that are looking for an alternative to the abrupt bite of Co2. Nitrogen paved the way, Hydrogen is here to stay!

Until our Hydrogen Effectinnovation, hydrogen-infused beverages were clunky and only served as medicinal offerings, making them impractical for use in the RTD space. But thanks to our partners at HyVida Sparkling Water, we are using their patented HyJackedtechnology. Combined with our delicious Sangria Spritzers, provide a unique 55 calorie*, zero added sugar, all natural product, which is First-to-Market!

Pick it up, It's a Gimme!

*In something more than a coincidence, the lowest score ever recorded for an 18 hole round of golf is 55. The record is held by Australian Rhein Gibson, four-time NAIA All-American at Oklahoma Christian University. Gibson set the record on May 12, 2012 when he shot 16 under par at the River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma.

3 PUTT cans

55 Calories
per Serving




3 PUTT White Sangria Spritzer

Mango Lime
White Sangria

Mango, Green Apple & Citrus, with a Silky Smooth Strawberry Finish

Blackberry Lime
Red Sangria

Blackberry, Cassis & Lime, with a Silky Smooth Plum Finish

3 PUTT Red Sangria Spritzer

3 PUTT Rose Sangria Spritzer

Berry Cherry
Rosé Sangria

Raspberry, Strawberry & Tart Cherry, with a Silky Smooth Watermelon Finish

silver medal

85 points / silver medal / highly recommended

A fun and vibrant expression of various berries.…


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The sell sheet contains an overview of the first-to-market 3 PUTT® Sangria Spritzers.

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3 PUTT Mango Lime Spritzer on the Rocks


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Enjoying 3 PUTT Sangria Spritzers in the Mountains

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