Appellation Ventures is a quality producer of award-winning wines from
Napa Valley, Paso Robles and Monterey County, California
and other superior AVAs within California's distinctive quality wine-growing regions.

Sustainable Winegrowing

Benefiting the environment, the community and high quality grapes and wine.

Our Winegrower is a proud member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing is a certification program that provides verification by a third-party auditor that a winery or vineyard implements sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

The vision of the Sustainable Winegrowing Program is the long-term sustainability of the California wine community. To place the concept of sustainability into the context of winegrowing, the program defines the three E'sof sustainable winegrowing as growing and winemaking practices that are:

  1. sensitive to the environment (Environmentally Sound)
  2. responsive to the needs and interests of society-at-large (Socially Equitable)
  3. and are economically feasible to implement and maintain (Economically Feasible)

For more information, visit:

California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance