Appellation Ventures, LLC.
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Seventy Two

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

72 Bourbon

Seventy Two Bourbon

Seventy Two Bourbon is made from a mash of 80% white corn and 20% rye, which provides an excellent balance of sweetness and spice.

Aged in new American Oak barrels for a minimum of four years, Seventy Two delivers a rich, complex whiskey with considerable depth and a long, silky-smooth finish.

May you have had the good fortune to have known a special someone that blessed your life in the extraordinary way that #72 blessed so many. Enjoy, and good health to all.

Point of Sale Materials

for Seventy Two Bourbon

Shelf Talkers

Each file contains a 4-up shelf talker for Seventy Two Bourbon.

Case Cards

Each file contains a single case card for Seventy Two Bourbon.

Bottle Schematic Side Panels

Speakeasy Ice MoldsSpeakeasy Ice Molds

Personalized Whiskey Ice Molds | Custom Whiskey Gifts

Bespoke ice that transforms your home bar into cocktail lounge. Handmade in California.

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