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Esser Vineyards Tech Sheets

2015 Vintage

The harvest was earlier and lighter than in prior years, yet the quality was not suffering. The unusual weather patters and effects of the drought caused some stress on the vines, which lead to conservation in flavors, resulting in rich, complex and balanced wine.

2015 Vintage Esser Vineyards Tech Sheet – ALL

2014 Vintage

2014 turned out to be an almost picture perfect year with ample winter and spring rains. After a good set the summer temperatures were moderate with no prolonged heat spikes. Cool afternoon breezes from the Pacific allowed the grapes to mature evenly attaining full flavors, ideal sugar levels as well as bright acidity.

2014 Vintage Esser Vineyards Tech Sheets – ALL

2013 Vintage

2013 was an almost picture perfect growing season. Reasonable winter and spring rains, a good stand no prolonged heat spikes during the summer months made this an almost worry free vintage for the viticulturists. The fruit was sourced from six sustainably farmed vineyard blocks from Monterey and Arrayo Seco of Monterey County, areas that benefit from the cool late afternoon breezes of the Pacific Ocean and the generous sunshine during the day.

2013 Vintage Esser Vineyards tech sheets – all

Las Palmeras Tech Sheets

2013 & 2014 vintage

Below are the tech sheets for Appellation Ventures Las Palmeras brand 2014 vintage Red Blend, 2014 vintage Chardonnay and the 2013 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon in one file.

2013 & 2014 Vintage Las Palmeras tech sheets – all

Crush 8 Wines Tech Sheets

Below are the tech sheets for Appellation Ventures Crush 8 brand 2017 vintage Chardonnay and the 2017 vintage Zinfandel.

2017 Vintage Crush 8 Chardonnay tech sheet

2017 Vintage Crush 8 Zinfandel tech sheet

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